The car I purchased at Ashley’s Towing in Las Vegas



I purchased a 1990 Honda Accord 4dr LX 162,000 MI

It has many issues.

  1. On the window it said water leak.
  2. They had to jump start me.
  3. Hard to turn the wheel.
  4. Then I noticed that the gauge said it was hot. So I have an overheating problem.
  5. My speedometer does not work.
  6. All my widows don’t work.
  7. My AC/Heater does not blow air.
  8. Tires are all bad.
  9. I could not play music.


  1. I had to buy a new battery at Auto-Zone for $126.00 that is including the recycle fee.
  2. Bought 2 bottles of power steering fluid, but discovered there is a leak which cost me $11.00 at Auto-Zone.
  3. I purchased a thermostat for $9.99 + the gasket $4.00
  4. I purchased a hose and some clamps $6.00 for the water leak.

Ashley’s Towing – Good Review – Public Auction

Ashley’s Towing is a public auction were anyone can come and purchase a vehicle for less compared to a dealership. You do not have to have a dealers license to stop by and purchase a vehicle.

Need to know:

When purchasing a vehicle at the auction there are somethings you may need to consider and know.

  • *You need to have $100.00 cash or on a card. Just make sure your’e name is on it. Which is refundable at the end of the auction. This all depends how long it takes for the vehicles to be sold.
  • They give you a ticket stub. At the the end of the auction whoever is called will win $100.00 dollars.


*Save money.

*No car payments.

*Own your’e vehicle.

*Able to choose insurance from state legal to full coverage rates. depending on your’e standards or affordable rates that one can handle.


*They may not work.

*It can be an investment.

*It’s a lottery. Meaning: it either works or not…..


Even though its a IF it works the investment should be ok… compared to buying from a dealership. I feel u still save.

Fmovies – Good Review


Fmovies is a tv series and movie website that is free.


  • *Its free.
  • *There is no need to create an account to stream or download.
  • *Great selection.
  • *There is an option to request a movie or a tv-series.
  • *HD Rip, HD720p, and HD1080p are better qualities.
  • *CAM, SD, and TS are a bootleg version. Sometimes they come   out good.


  • *Pop ups happen  every now an then.

– you can add a pop-up blockers to help prevent advertisements.

– Check out “Adblock plus uBlock”:


I think this website is better than Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox. Fmovies has everything those companies have and its free and you don’t have to leave your’e house to get one from Redbox. Sometimes there movies are scratched and dealing with the hassle of waiting.