Uber VS Lyft


Image Source: http://www.mcmobilitysystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/uber-vs-lyft-1080×675.png

Uber and Lyft provide a similar service which is transportation. You need a portable device with internet access, examples are a smart phone or a tablet.

I have noticed that Lyft is more affordable than Uber. Even in google maps suggest that when entering directions and gives a estimated quote as shown below. It even gets less expensive when you share the ride with other members. There can be up to 4 riders.

Google Maps

I was using Lyft for a while then I stopped because I was getting to many $5 no show fee. They only give you a minute. With Uber I do not have that problem.

In my experience this service is better than a taxi by far. of course you can always ride the public bus for less. Public transportation can be cheaper, but time consuming. Here in Las Vegas, NV is $68 a month for the city bus.

So if I had to choose it would be Uber for never charging me no show fees.

Source:    www.uber.com    /      www.lyft.com

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