The car I purchased at Ashley’s Towing in Las Vegas



I purchased a 1990 Honda Accord 4dr LX 162,000 MI

It has many issues.

  1. On the window it said water leak.
  2. They had to jump start me.
  3. Hard to turn the wheel.
  4. Then I noticed that the gauge said it was hot. So I have an overheating problem.
  5. My speedometer does not work.
  6. All my widows don’t work.
  7. My AC/Heater does not blow air.
  8. Tires are all bad.
  9. I could not play music.


  1. I had to buy a new battery at Auto-Zone for $126.00 that is including the recycle fee.
  2. Bought 2 bottles of power steering fluid, but discovered there is a leak which cost me $11.00 at Auto-Zone.
  3. I purchased a thermostat for $9.99 + the gasket $4.00
  4. I purchased a hose and some clamps $6.00 for the water leak.

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