Ashley’s Towing – Good Review – Public Auction

Ashley’s Towing is a public auction were anyone can come and purchase a vehicle for less compared to a dealership. You do not have to have a dealers license to stop by and purchase a vehicle.

Need to know:

When purchasing a vehicle at the auction there are somethings you may need to consider and know.

  • *You need to have $100.00 cash or on a card. Just make sure your’e name is on it. Which is refundable at the end of the auction. This all depends how long it takes for the vehicles to be sold.
  • They give you a ticket stub. At the the end of the auction whoever is called will win $100.00 dollars.


*Save money.

*No car payments.

*Own your’e vehicle.

*Able to choose insurance from state legal to full coverage rates. depending on your’e standards or affordable rates that one can handle.


*They may not work.

*It can be an investment.

*It’s a lottery. Meaning: it either works or not…..


Even though its a IF it works the investment should be ok… compared to buying from a dealership. I feel u still save.

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