Fmovies – Good Review


Fmovies is a tv series and movie website that is free.


  • *Its free.
  • *There is no need to create an account to stream or download.
  • *Great selection.
  • *There is an option to request a movie or a tv-series.
  • *HD Rip, HD720p, and HD1080p are better qualities.
  • *CAM, SD, and TS are a bootleg version. Sometimes they come   out good.


  • *Pop ups happen  every now an then.

– you can add a pop-up blockers to help prevent advertisements.

– Check out “Adblock plus uBlock”:


I think this website is better than Netflix, Hulu, and Redbox. Fmovies has everything those companies have and its free and you don’t have to leave your’e house to get one from Redbox. Sometimes there movies are scratched and dealing with the hassle of waiting.




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